Crystals for Love: For Self-Love, Attracting Love and More

We accept and extend love through the channel of our heart chakra. Ideally, this channel is a massive, six-lane highway with a free flow of love speeding in and out. But sometimes, there’s a crash. We get our hearts broken. When this happens, the flow of love comes to a screeching halt. The only way to clear up this block is to forgive and love ourselves. There are crystals available to help us heal our hearts, foster new love, and shift into more productive mindsets. Each crystal’s energy will affect every person differently. Depending on what has your heart chakra blocked up, you may need more rhodochrosite than malachite. To figure out what your heart is craving, read below for Heather Askinosie’s expert tips, and watch the full video to discover which crystals for love are calling to you.


What You’ll Learn with This Crystals for Love Video:

  • How to use rose quartz for self-love + forgiveness
  • Crystals to use for women over 40
  • Self-Love bathing ritual
  • Programing your crystal for love
  • Why you should be using a rose quartz mala necklace
  • How men can use malachite to attract love



Use Rose Quartz to Embrace Feminine Self-Love

Rose quartz has a reputation for being the stone of unconditional love. The soft, soothing energy that rose quartz emits, helps you to breathe easier just by looking at it. We all have male and female energy within us. For all the women out there who feel that the roles and responsibilities in their lives have drowned out their feminine energy, rose quartz is the perfect remedy. It gets you back in touch with your feminine side. The properties of compassion, forgiveness and self-appreciation that rose quartz infuses your heart chakra with can help you to shift out of negative mindsets, and embrace your true power.

Attract Love With Rose Quartz

If you read Crystal Muse, you know how significant rose quartz was to the Attract Love ritual. That’s because rose quartz is the ideal stone for inspiring a spectrum of loving energies, from self-love and passionate love to love for humanity. One aspect of the ritual in the book that I’ll recommend to everyone is having two rose quartz crystals for love together in your bedroom. This is a Feng Shui technique for love. It is meant to symbolize a loving partnership.

Another thing you can do before bed, is to take a piece of rose quartz in your hand, and rub it over your heart chakra while blessing yourself with loving thoughts. The most important relationship you have, is the one you maintain with yourself.

The Best Love Crystal for Women Over 40

For all the women over 40 who are looking to inspire fresh vibrancy into their love life, rhodochrosite is the stone for you. Whether you’re looking to find new love, or reignite the spark with a long-term partner, it’s the rhodochrosite meaning you’ll want to tap into. This crystal for love will help you to rediscover and heal the many layers of love within yourself.

The point of the healing journey with rhodochrosite is to go deeper in exploring your truth, and unleash parts of yourself that are begging to be free. Rhodochrosite guides the soul toward breakthroughs and conquering negative patterns, but in a way that remains gentle and supportive. The older we get, the more responsibilities we have. When others rely on us, it can be difficult to remember that we need to support ourselves just as much as we support those around us. Use rhodochrosite empower your self-worth. Let the black striations within this crystal for love remind you that nothing is perfect, but even the negatives can add definition and beauty to your story. Use rhodochrosite in combination with rose quartz, to let go of the past and radiate with confident self-worth and love.

Self-Love Bathing Ritual

Bring a rose quartz stone with you into the bath. This ritual is all about investing in your own wellness, so make it as lush as you can. Heather likes to include rose petals, himalayan salt rock and essential oils. She also lights candles and incense. Over her heart, she places a rose quartz stone. This creates a sacred space that allows you to rejuvenate the spirit as you soak in the energy of self-love.

Program Your Crystal for Love With a Purpose

Hold your crystal for love in your hands, and allow yourself a few moments to sync with its energy. The say aloud your intention for that crystal. For example, if you’re looking for your crystal to attract love, you can say: I program this crystal to vibrate with the bright energy of love. May it remind me that I am loved, I am filled with love, and I spread love to all I meet.

Why You Should Be Wearing a Rose Quartz Mala

Wearing rose quartz energy all the time allows you to stay in sync with loving energy you want to accept and emit throughout the day. Having rose quartz over your chest helps to constantly infuse your heart chakra with compassion, light, passion and forgiveness. When you feel yourself going into a dark, unloving place, you can get back in touch with the energy love by repeat a mantra for spreading positivity on each of the 108 rose quartz mala beads.

Best Crystal to Attract Love for Men

Malachite, known as the transformation stone, is a great crystal for men to use to attract love from outside as well as within. This crystal helps the spirit to recognize negative patterns and let go of the pain of the past. The movement that you see with the many swirling lines on this stone is conducive to the movement it beckons you to make in life. Connect with malachite healing benefits to progress along your spiritual path, and move beyond places of regret, sadness or a lack of fulfillment. Wear a malachite mala necklace to fuse your energy with malachite at all times. Malachite healing benefits will link with the heart chakra, and open you up to seeing the positive changes that you can make on a daily basis. As you open your soul to put out more love in the world, the universe will repay you by bringing more love your way.

The most important thing to remember as you begin working with crystals for love is to give yourself time to heal your soul. As much as we wish we could say that these crystals will bring you a soulmate, we can’t. However, when you work with these crystals for love to better embody the spirit of love, your life and outlook will shift. It’s this shift that expands your heart chakra, and makes your radiant passion undeniable to others. Embracing crystals for love simply reminds us to embrace life. When we do this, opportunities and people come our way.       

3 Simple Self Love Practices to Honor Yourself + Those Around You

When you enter the term “self love” into google, you get 37 million search results.  When you search the word “love,” you get more than 25 billion. As a society, we place an emphasis on love before self. This leads to a skewed view of the self that has many validating their worth by how much love they receive. We need to shift the priority back to self love practices. When we love ourselves, we become better lovers, partners and friends. Instead of constantly focusing on attracting love, let’s set an intention to radiate it. This may involve some introspection. What are the patterns in your life that you’d like to change? In what area of your life would you like to stimulate growth? What can you do to accomplish those changes? Essentially, what to you need to do to earn your love? Though it may sound strange, learn to date yourself. Rather than wishing for others to put effort into your happiness, be the one to give it to yourself. Buy yourself some flowers. Take yourself out to the movies. Get comfortable with yourself. Get to know yourself. Investing time and energy into yourself will help you to have a healthier outlook on life, and in turn, your vibrant essence will naturally attract others to you. Turn these simple self love practices into a daily routine to radiate love from every cell of your being!

Self Love Practices to Shift Your Energy Back to Love

  1. Set the tone for love as soon as you wake up: As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, instead of reaching for your phone to check your emails, repeat this affirmation 6x aloud: I allow myself to feel love, be love and give love. I know that love is everything. Really, really mean it with every ounce of your being.
  2. You’re a Love Junkie: As part of your daily routine, carry a little token of the Earth’s purest form of love with you wherever you go. Wearing a rose quartz necklace or rose quartz bracelet brings you back to a place of love in every moment. Love has no judgment. It is nurturing and healing, and is available to every person all the time. Love doesn’t put people in categories; that is something that we as humans do. We are all just love and that’s what what we were put on this Earth to do. The energy of Rose Quartz makes you stop and think what kind of human do I want to be today? It reprograms your body on a cellular level to vibrate with high love vibes and go out into the world with that mindset. Become a love junkie, a messenger of light and love, and make your mark on the world!
  3. Give the gift of love: With the current energy of the planet, there is a tendency stray away from love and be quick to judge those around you. Giving the gift of a Rose Quartz crystal can initiate the receiver’s own self love practices and perpetuate this movement of reawakening the love that innately lies within all of us. It’s a reminder that we need to tap into our humanity that doesn’t have divisions and labels. Every time you see your rose quartz and feel its energy, you’re reminded that you are love and to be love at every moment of the day.

When we tap into our true human nature, we are love not judgement. And it can start with you!

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It’s a Love Affair with these Rose Quartz Beauty Hacks

Most of us are aware of common uses of our crystals, whether it be for healing purposes, setting intentions, or aiding us to be more mindful, more centered, or uphold more well-balanced lifestyles. In addition to these properties, our crystals are also good for something else that is sought after by people around the world: eternal youth–or at least prolonging the inevitable effects of aging anyways. How, you might ask is a stone capable of achieving such a thing? The answer is by incorporating their energy everyday to create a crystal beauty routine.

Rose Quartz beauty rituals aren’t a new concept in the wellness world. It’s said that Cleopatra bathed with chunks of rose quartz, harnessing its wonderfully healing and anti-aging benefits. As a powerful healing crystal, rose quartz emits a soothing vibration, making it a powerful tool to relieve tension, which can often build up in the muscles in our face making us appear older. Once you’ve moved into a state of relaxation, your rose quartz can be used to further promote physical healing, especially by prepping your skin and getting it back to its prime conditions.

Rose Quartz Beauty Hacks for Love, Anti-aging + Youthfulness

If you’re prone to acne or are experiencing the onset of wrinkles, ancient legends suggest rolling a rose quartz stone over your face to reverse these negative effects on your skin. Stories have been told that Egyptian goddesses would gather tumbled rose quartz crystals by the Nile river, giving themselves a crystal facial to maintain their youthful complexions. Massaging your face multiple times a week with your rose quartz beauty stone can smooth out fine lines and reduce signs of aging. You’ll be rejuvenating your skin with energy of the rose quartz acting as an instant face-lift without having to go under the knife. While we love a therapeutic facial from time to time, the wondrous benefits of rose quartz don’t end there.  

One of our favorite rose quartz beauty hacks involves a rose quartz plate that you can easily personalize for your own practice! Rose Quartz is known to open your heart and instill an unconditional love for oneself. We believe self-love is quite possibly the best look a person can wear, doing wonders for enhancing natural beauty. When you love yourself, it allows your inner confidence to project outwards into the world without your conscious effort. Rather than go spending outrageous amounts of money on the latest beauty fads sworn to turn back the clock, a Rose Quartz beauty plate will keep you feeling fun, fresh, and flirty at all times. We’re using our Rose Quartz plate to stay forever young to:

  1. Charge Your Beauty Products – Rose quartz is the stone of love and beauty. By placing your beauty products on your rose quartz beauty plate, you are energetically charging them and therefore infusing this divine energy upon yourself. Store your go-to products on your plate when not in use so they have a chance to absorb the loving energy released from the rose quartz and are ready to spread the love in your next application.
  2. Mix in the Magic – Mix essences of rose quartz into your mineral foundation or mineral makeup in order to further charge it with love and beauty. An alternative method to mixing rose quartz directly into your makeup product is by making your own rose quartz infused facial spray and spritzing that on your face as primer to soak into your skin.
  3. Adorn your Altar – Place your rose quartz plate atop your crystal altar and it will carry the energy of love and beauty as you perform go about your daily activities. The presence of rose quartz in your room creates an environment vibrating at a high energy of love so you can feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. Seeing your rose quartz serves as a reminder to love yourself and accept your flaws as markers of your beautiful individuality.

While it’s impossible to stop the process of aging completely, using your crystals is an innovative way to maintain a youthful, healthy glow. The properties of rose quartz make it the perfect addition to your beauty essentials. No matter how you choose to use your rose quartz, there’s no denying it will be your greatest beauty secret to highlighting both your inner and outer beauty!

Searching for Love and Finding Yourself in the Process

There are a lot of expectations when it comes to love. Our anticipation starts with pre-date jitters, and we don’t stop fantasizing about the future for the rest of our relationship. Sometimes, those expectations are a healthy way to set intentions for the partnership. While in other circumstances, expectations create a disconnect between the relationship we imagine, and the relationship that actually exists. Whether you’re in a relationship, searching for love or in the middle of one of our crystal rituals, it’s important not to get so caught up in expectations, that you miss out on the beauty of experiences.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when doing the Attract Love Ritual from Crystal Muse is to assume the outcome. If you enter the experience assuming that it will be easy, quick or serve your fantasy person up on a silver platter, you’re going to get a harsh reality check. Rituals are about taking you on a journey. If you start a 40-day ritual out with the expectation that you will meet your soulmate on day two, you’re likely to be disappointed. Rituals don’t always give you what you want; but instead they often give you what you need. For one person, the process of an attract love ritual may produce a lasting partnership, but for someone else, instead of answering their call of searching for love, it might guide them to find the love and forgiveness they’ve been depriving themselves of.

Someone singularly focused on finding their love connection may then ask, “What’s the point of doing a love ritual, if I’m not going to find a match?” Often the reason we can’t find the love we’re looking for, is because of negative patterns we haven’t broken out of yet. Seeking out self-love and forgiveness through lots of reflection is the best path to finding a healthy and fulfilling partnership. For Gina King, learning to love herself and feel confident on her own was the greatest lesson that she took from her attract love ritual.

Gina recently did the attract love ritual after reading about it in the love chapter of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You. She thought that it would help to her attract love, but she wasn’t expecting the lesson she’d learn along the way as she was searching for love. Heather Askinosie sat down with Gina to get her take on the Attract Love Ritual. Watch the full video, and find the highlights of Gina’s experience searching for love, but instead finding herself below!

Heather Askinosie: What’s been your relationship history?

Gina King: I’ve been in a few serious relationships. One, not so great. Two, with loving people who turned out to just not be my people. They weren’t ready to get married, and that’s what I want. The last one was especially hard for me because I thought he was it.

I went on a date one or two months after the breakup, and I got home from this date and just burst into tears. I said to myself, ‘I’m just not ready. I’m just gonna focus on Gina.’

Heather: When you first started the ritual, were you guilty of any of the taboos for love?

Gina: For sure. First of all, I wear black all the time.

Heather: How did that feel [having to not wear black for 40 days]?

Gina: It forced me to go out and buy more clothes…It made me get out of my comfort zone.

Heather: Was it hard to implement this ritual into your life on a daily basis?

Gina: I’m super busy—I’m teaching, I’m tutoring—so, I wanted to make sure I had my time [to do the daily chants and intentions]. I knew I had to have a consistent time, so what I decided to do, was make 5:20 a.m. every morning my time. Before I walked my dog, before I took my shower, I would wake up and light my candles and start my chant. It was challenging because I had to do it on the weekends too, but I’d just wake up, do my chants, and go back to bed.

Heather: Did you find the ritual to be fairly easy?

Gina: Yeah. The bath that I did with the vinegar and the rose petals, at first when I was mixing it all together, I was like, ‘What is this? What am I about to get in?’ But I did the whole 20 minutes of soaking, and it made me reflect. I had all these flashbacks about all these different points of love.

One thing that I would tell anyone that’s going to do the love ritual, is, ‘Keep track of it!’ Just one sentence a day to remark on something. I did a ton of journaling. It forces you to let things out. I was like ‘Oh, my gosh, I haven’t thought about that in years.’

Heather: Were there any milestones for you during this journey?

Gina: Day one, I ran into my ex from a couple years ago. And I was like ‘Okay, here we go!’

Heather: What words of wisdom or advice would you give to anyone considering doing this ritual or anyone searching for love?

Gina: One thing I would recommend for sure, is that you need to be ready. You need to be ready to love yourself. The best thing about this love ritual is that you’re really trying to get connected to yourself. Maybe a guy is going to be the bonus, but I think the love ritual really just helped me to keep the love within myself. And it made me aware of the love that surrounds me all the time.

Around day 25 of this ritual, I’m kind of the person that likes instant gratification. I want results right now. I was never going to give up, but I was feeling like I wanted it so badly. But once I just let go—stopped counting down the days—I was able to accept that whether or not I find the person, this practice is leading me to a better place for myself.  The best part of it wasn’t even finding love with a guy; it was really focusing and taking that time for me. This opened my eyes up to how much love is around me, everywhere.

To learn more about Gina King, head to her website, My Worth Girl. To see the entire Attract Love Ritual, turn to page 119 of our crystal healing book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You. 

A Ritual for Healing Relationships with Crystals

Hi everyone! It’s Heather. Being in a relationship can be both thrilling and scary. On one hand, you have this person who supports your ambitions, and cares about your feelings. On the other hand, the more you emotionally invest in your partnership, the more you stand to lose if it disappears. It’s often out of this fear, that communication begins to falter. Suddenly, we wonder what we should or shouldn’t say, and resort to not expressing our emotions as a way of avoiding confrontation.

Of course, we can only hold onto our feelings for so long before it becomes toxic to our relationship anyways. To have a healthy relationship, communication is vital. Knowing that doesn’t always make it easier to confront difficult conversations. To help with that, I use crystals. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite rituals that I use when my husband and I need to have an uncomfortable discussion. It eases the energy of hesitation, and guides us toward a stronger bond.  With this ritual, we’re forced to set aside time to make sure that we give each other the benefit of hearing the other person out. This is an especially powerful ritual to use for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a complex topic. Even with all you may think you know about your partner, you may not recognize where certain triggers stem from. We all have hidden depths and layers. As we begin to feel more vulnerable in our relationship, we peel back these layers. In working with your partner on issues or even in discussions of appreciation, it’s important to remember that there is likely more depth to their vulnerability than you know. To help you navigate those tricky waters, I suggest rhodonite and kambaba jasper.

Both of these stones are perfect work with because they relate to the energy of the heart chakra with the colors pink and green. What makes these such great crystals for forgiveness is that they both have black striations within them. The black is the essence of the things we hold onto and are hurt by. It’s the wounded dark part holding us back from embracing and opening up to the energy of love.

So what you want to do is, have one partner hold the rhodonite in their hand, and have the other partner hold the kambaba jasper in their hand. Find a comfortable seat on the floor where you both can face each other. Hold the crystal over your heart and take 3 deep breaths. Then set the intention of this crystal to hold the energy of “honesty, respect, and appreciation”.

The first person will hold their crystal over their heart and share their thoughts and feelings while the other person sits listening with their palms facing up. Make sure to take ownership of your feelings by using “I feel”.  Then when the first person is finished, the listener will say “I hear you” and will then hold their crystal over their heart and speak their thoughts and feelings while the other listens. When the second person has finished, the listener will say “I hear you”. Once you both have shared your truth, the first person will place their crystal back over their heart and say 3 things that they appreciate about their partner. Then when the first person is finished, the second person will then place their crystal over their heart and say at least 3 things they appreciate about their partner.

Once this is done, you want to sage your crystals and your environment to cleanse the energy of the room. Then each partner will exchange their crystal with the other person to hold on to and place on their nightstand. What you want to remember while doing this ritual, is that everything your partner is sharing, is how they feel. Even if their words give you a negative feeling or emotion, it’s important to recognize the significance of how they feel. When you and your partner wake up in the morning, place your crystal out in the sun for at least four hours to recharge them. Try this ritual for 10 days straight. Each time switching the stone back and forth with your partner.

I just want to say that this is a great ritual for any couple looking to strengthen your relationship. You do not just have to do this during the bad times, because you can also say “hey I’m really happy with you” and take that time to communicate with one another. You do not need to be in a falling out in the relationship for you to value taking the time to reconnect with your partner. Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to establish a deeper bond with your partner, and instead of joining a club together or going to a cooking class all you have to do is take about 11 minutes to commit to just sitting and talking to each other. This ritual is designed to open your hearts so that you can communicate with love.

I hope this ritual guides you toward meaningful explorations with your partner, and inspires new love and appreciation along the way.

How to Heal a Broken Heart with Rainbow Obsidian

There are a lot of ways to get your heart broken—and as anyone who has ever gone through heartbreak can tell you—there aren’t nearly enough ways to heal it. Sadly, there’s no antibiotic for how to heal a broken heart. The only cure is a balance of time and emotional work. Whether you’ve lost a dream job, a loved one, or a romantic relationship, the way to heal remains the same—you have to confront your pain. Luckily, there’s crystals that can help you to do that.

The goal is to get to a point of acceptance, so that you can forgive and let go of the pain that you went through. Crystals that are attuned to the soothing energy of release and acceptance can act as guides for overcoming that last bit of lingering heartbreak. The nurturing encouragement that crystals offer in this time make all the difference. Just having that loving, forgiving and motivating energy around as you process situations can dramatically affect your emotional progress in moving past them.

This How to Heal a Broken Heart Ritual gives you an outlet through which you can explore and ease your pain, and uses the energy of a rainbow obsidian heart to facilitate the healing process. Rainbow obsidian is an ideal stone for working through emotional pain because it eases you into the journey by first absorbing your negative energy. Then, as you connect with rainbow obsidian, it enhances your understanding and compassion as you traverse your layers of pain. This helps you to see the difficult lessons embedded in your experiences. Use this 11-day ritual with rainbow obsidian to discover the rainbow after the storm. All you need to do is devote 21 minutes, for 11 consecutive days, to processing your emotions. If no feeling surface for you to process on one of your 11 days, that’s okay. Don’t judge yourself. The reason you’re doing this for 11 days is to give yourself the time you need heal. Setting this time limit will force you to focus on achieving meaningful introspection, and discourage you from dwelling or over analyzing beyond that. So if you’re ready to move on, invest in yourself and your emotions with this proactive step toward healing the heart.

A Crystal Ritual for How to Heal a Broken Heart

Healing from hurts can take a long time, but you can help the process move quickly with Rainbow Obsidian.

What you’ll need:

How to heal a broken heart ritual steps:

  1. Begin by clearing your space. Where ever you plan on doing this 21-minute healing ritual is the environment that you’ll need to cleanse. You can do this by opening your windows, lighting your stick of sage, placing the sage in a fireproof container and wafting the smoke of the sage around the room. Make sure to get the smoke into those often overlooked areas like closets, window sills and doorways.
  2. Then cleanse your rainbow obsidian heart by immersing it into the smoke of the sage, and asking that the spirit of sage purify your stone.
  3. Next, program your crystal. Hold the crystal in the palms of your hands, and state your intention out loud. Your intention can be whatever you want. We’ve found that a good intention to use when it comes to moving past relationship heartbreak, is: I program this crystal to help me heal my heart and let go. Let this crystal help me to come back to the state of love and forgiveness as I cleanse myself of the energy that no longer serves me.
  4. Light a candle to mark your space as a sacred environment during this ritual.
  5. Set your timer for 21 minutes and begin. You can also listen to the guided visualization below to guide you through the remainder of the ritual. (We’ve left you enough time in between the steps to complete them).
  6. Grab your journal and pen. Write down the good, the bad and the ugly. Write down your fear, anger, frustration, sorrow – anything that you want to get out. Don’t edit yourself. Free yourself to write without judgement.
  7. When you’ve exhausted everything you wanted to say, close your journal. Pick up your rainbow obsidian heart and your flowers.
  8. Lay flat on your back. (Note: If you are doing this ritual to help you process the end of a relationship, don’t lay on your bed, as it still carries the energy of that relationship. When you can, cleanse the mattress using the technique in this video.) Spread the flowers or flower petals over your chest. The energy of the floral world works to heal the spirit with a beautiful and earthly essence. Place the rainbow obsidian heart over your heart, preferably with the stone in direct contact with your skin – you want the rainbow side facing down, touching your skin.
  9. Visualize yourself soaking in the healing energy of the Earth as the rainbow obsidian heart and flowers absorb your negative energy, and infuse you with love for the remainder of your 21 minutes. Make sure to take deep breaths throughout this process. See yourself being in a place of complete safety, and once you feel like you’re in your body, begin talking out loud. See whatever person, or situation and begin saying aloud everything you’d want to say to them – do not edit yourself, just say everything; this is a healing process for you. Let the rainbow obsidian suck up anything toxic – negativity, anger, fear, frustration etc. Cry. Scream. Yell. Get it all out and let it go.
  10. When you’re done with that process, visualize your hand as a blade and cut away the darkness. Cut away all the things you just said and release it from your energy field.
  11. Place your hands over your heart, touching your crystal. Feel yourself merging with the rainbow energy that resides within it. See yourself as an energy field of light, love and forgiveness. At this time, you not only forgive yourself, but the person and the situation. Ask yourself, what am I supposed to learn from this? What is this pain, sorrow or loss here to teach me? Sit with this energy. Smell the flowers on your body, feel the crystal on your chest and fill your body up with the healing energy that lies on your heart.
  12. After you’ve finished, thank your crystal for its healing energy. Sage your crystal and your own energy field. (If you’re feeling a little dizzy, make sure to drink water).
  13. Give your flowers or petals back to the Earth once you’re finished.
  14. Repeat this process for 11 days with just the rainbow obsidian over your heart. (You may continue to use flowers each day if you feel called to!)


How to Clear Your Space to Transform Your Life

Change isn’t just necessary, it’s life itself. We can see it in nature every day with our ever-spinning planet, its majestic flowing rivers and the constant push and pull of the ocean tides. Our constantly evolving world is always going through phases of transformation. But when this energy gets stuck, it causes a once pristine river to turn into polluted pond overrun with algae sludge.

The same can be said of your body and spirit, which is heavily influenced by your environment. When you combine the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui with the art of healing crystals, get ready for opportunity to rock when you clear negative energy from your home and create a space that vibrates at its full potential.

Space Clearing

Step away from the Febreeze and Yankee Candles and instead, opt for cleansing and refreshing the air with more natural ingredients like essential oils, incense, and sage. Used for cleansing rituals by the Native Americans for thousands of years, these earthy tools of purification help reconnect us to nature and its incredible abundance of natural scents.

Just like the mind-body-spirit connection, our environment also consists of the physical and the energetic realms. And when it comes space cleansing, both are just as important for creating balance and harmony. Use these rituals together and create a powerful energy cleansing that should be repeated on a daily basis, especially if someone is sick or if there’s been a heavy amount of people coming and going. These rituals are also the perfect prescription for when you feel the need to cleanse your aura of negative emotions or if you’ve just moved into a new home.

Burning sage is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clear the space of negative psychic debris. Start by opening the front door and windows in the house. Beginning in the back of the home, walk around the perimeter with a lit sage smudge stick and waft the smoke with a feather or feather fan into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. When you get to the front of the house, smudge the door with smoke and leave the smudge stick outside to burn off or ash it and save for another time.

Then, light frankincense resin or a couple of incense cones and smudge the home in the same way. By using this ancient cleansing ritual on a daily basis, it wards off toxic energy on an even deeper level. In your heart and in your home, always wipe the dirt off your shoulder and live in a world where everything is illuminated with richness and meaning.

If you’re moving into a new home or your space is filled with chaos and turmoil, it’s time to get out the saltshakers. Borrowing from the ancient Tibetan healing therapies combining salt and medicinal herbs, pour salt mixed with saffron into four corners of each room and let it sit for 48 hours, letting it absorb all the negative energy. Then, sweep it up and throw in the dustbin while making an affirmation of purification and good vibes.

Take your space clearing to a deeper level of purification by creating crystal healing grids around your home with protection stones like Black Tourmaline, which rocks at absorbing negative energy from people and things. Place this strong and mysterious warrior stone in each corner of the room and create a protective shield that guards you from toxic energy.

Round out your cleansing ritual with Palo Santo, a natural purifier made of sacred wood that is believed to have therapeutic effects. Because of its healing vibrations and warm, woodsy fragrance, this natural incense is especially helpful when you use it after clearing the space with a sage cleansing.

While you’re in clean up mode, close the lids to the toilets because according to the ancient wisdom of feng shui, pipes are big-time energy leaches and should always be blocked off.

This is also a great time to check on the plants, which are essential for a healthy and balanced environment because of their ability to improve the air quality. While expressing your gratitude for nature’s phenomenon of photosynthesis, make sure your greenery has plenty of light and water.

Plants are also a simple way to cleanse your crystals on a daily basis. Simply place your stones in the soil of a healthy plant for 12 or more hours and let the combination of soil and sunlight recharge your crystals by reconnecting its energy to the life-giving elements of the planet.

How to Feng Shui Every Room in the House with Crystals

The Main Living Area

The living room is a place for peaceful relaxation with family and friends, which makes it one of the most important spaces for clearing. Creating a healing sanctuary in the main room of the home inspires that warm and relaxing Rasta vibe when you first walk in the door. If the feng shui is harmonious and balanced, it encourages the feeling that “every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Fill this space with heart-warming stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz to support loving communication, the pathway to light and universal love. Known as major power conductors and energy amplifiers, Quartz and Selenite are an excellent addition to your collection of heart chakra stones because they act as guardian angels by protecting the space from bad vibes. These powerful stones also give other crystals a natural boost of healing energy.

Other stepping stones to harmony and peace within the home is Angelite and Amazonite, which are absolute gems at generating tranquil and calming energies. With a protective shield guarding your heart, you’re free to find clarity in your goals and aspirations.

The Garden

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, herbs, or flowers. Give your a green thumb a boost with garden stones like Aventurine, which works to keep the flow of growth and progress strong and steady.

Place these stones alongside Quartz crystals and let the synergistic energy infuse the soil with the power of renewal as it reconnects to the earth and its life-giving properties.

Studio or Office

If you’re courting a case of serious burnout, give your space a feng shui makeover before you head to the psychiatrist’s couch. After all, space clearing with crystals is very effective on the psyche, especially when you incorporate the fundamentals of feng shui.

Enhance your concentration by wiping down the surfaces before you begin work. This cleanses and opens the energy of the room, clearing the way for inspiration with the increased metal element, which supports metal focus and concentration.

Place creativity crystals like Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye on your desk or worktable to help awaken hidden talents and enhance self-esteem. These power crystals are also lucky charms when it comes to wealth and opportunity. Along with Goldstone, these happiness crystals rock at harnessing personal power and renewing your zest for life.

The Bedroom

The place of romantic love, restorative sleep, and peaceful contemplation, the bedroom is an excellent room for heart chakra stones like Aventurine and Jade, which attract love by stimulating and balancing the heart chakra. Include Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love, and create a healing crystal grid that works as a love potion for your brave leap into romance.

For those nights spent tossing and turning, keep Amethyst, Selenite, and Quartz near your pillow or on the nightstand and feel an angelic white light surrounding you with peaceful, healing energy that protects you from bad dreams and promotes a restful night’s sleep.

The Kitchen

According to legend, mint in the kitchen windowsill is believed to bring good luck and prosperity into your life. It also adds a welcome splash of green in your kitchen and lifts the energy of the room with a hint of refreshing aromatics.

Another essential for the kitchen is ocean gem crystals like Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Yellow Jasper. Place near the sink and fill your home with the cleansing and purifying water element energy. Connecting you to the energy of the ocean, these feng shui stones radiate soothing and calming energy throughout the home, especially when placed near running water from fountains or fish tanks.

If your kitchen window is particularly sunny, get a deep spiritual tan under the glow of cheerful and vibrant sun crystals like Citrine and Yellow Jasper. Their power is further enhanced as they soak up powerful rays of sunlight on the windowsill.

How to Do a Quick Feng Shui Room Refresh in 10 Minutes

We’re not saying that your home should look like a mausoleum because let’s be realistic. You can’t expect your place to look like something out of Architectural Digest, especially when you’re trying to keep up with the hectic pace of our stressed, modern world. But there is a difference between a space that looks lived in and one that’s messy and chaotic. Like the wise proverb says, your house should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

Your environment is often an indication of your inner self, which makes space clearing routines a fundamental step in keeping things neat and tidy in your home and in your heart. Keep your sanctuary balanced and harmonious with an everyday sprucing that takes ten minutes or less.

Combine this clearing routine with your daily cleansing rituals for a triple-dose of purifying vibes that help create a healing sanctuary free of negative energy. These everyday practices work to clear and rejuvenate the flow of energy through your home, making it the perfect setting for meditation or yoga practice. Looking around your home and smelling the earthy, woodsy scents of sage smudging is a welcome antidote that helps set the stage for spiritual awakenings.

First, turn on some music for a nice touch of background sounds to warm up the space and open your mind to the idea of cleaning. Daily chores can seem like a drag because of the monotonous repetition but it’s easy to keep these negative feelings from surfacing. Simply remind yourself that every action and movement represents the idea of progress and the constant flow of energy in all things, and in this instance, the vibe of your spirit and surroundings.

Start by opening the windows to let fresh air flow through your home. Burn a sage stick, one of the quickest ways to remove negative energy, and keep the good vibes going by lighting a candle, which enhances the overall ambiance. Give your space a quick dusting and polish of your countertops and surfaces, including the floor. Dirty surfaces or objects create harmful feng shui but when everything is clean and shiny, it stimulates an increase of the metal element, which boosts motivation and mental clarity.

Turn on an accent lamp to instantly brighten up the room and fluff the pillows on the couch, a subtle but welcoming touch that gives the space a look of order and serenity. Next, it’s time to tackle your possibly least favorite chore—taking out the trash. Just like the daily maintenance of your physical and emotional health, remind yourself that it symbolizes the removal of toxic sludge from the psyche, resulting in a purified mind, body and spirit. Remove the garbage from your soul and free yourself from those pesky, self-defeating thoughts no longer serving you.

An easy way to cleanse your space on a deeper level is by spraying the air with a mix of salt water and essential oils in every room. The smell of zesty citrus or sweet lavender helps create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere using the natural essences of nature as an alternative to artificial air fresheners made of harmful petrochemicals.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a stressful and polluted world constantly being bombarded with toxins. But following the wise words of Ghandi, “Live your life the way you want the world to be,” and create a sacred refuge that reflects the purity and wisdom of nature and its healing vibrations.

What Are Copal and Frankincense Resin + How Do We Use Them

What are the reasons we burn resins? Sage takes up so much of the spotlight when we talk about space clearing, that sometimes we neglect to mention the other tools there are for purifying and elevating the energy of your home—such as resins! Resins, like copal resin and frankincense resin, are burned to release more than just their pleasant scents. It is said that when we burn these resins, we are allowing their sacred smoke to cleanse our body and space. This use of resins in sacred ceremonies spans across many centuries, and many different cultures.

The Copal Benefits

Resins are found beneath the bark of trees. Different trees produce different resins. The family of trees in Mexico, Central America and South America that create copal resin are called Bursera. The wood-scented resin extracted from these trees is actually not yet hard enough to be a true resin, and not soft enough to be a sap. Still, we call it copal resin, and embrace its transitory state by burning it, and allowing it to transform once more.

The uplifting positivity of copal smoke is believed to open the crown chakra. It works to rid the mind of anxiety and negative thoughts. Copal resin breakthroughs the blocks that are causing the circulation of your energy to stagnate. Copal benefits can be a useful ally in combating the everyday blues, as it helps to brighten your aura and leave you feeling emotionally lighter.

We’re not the first to use copal benefits for therapeutic practices. Copal incense was also a popular spiritual cleanser among the ancient Maya and Aztecs. Both the Maya and Aztecs also used copal resin in offerings. They burned the copal resin atop their pyramids as a gift to the gods, and the Maya even burned copal by their burial grounds.

—How to Use It—

To use copal benefits in the purification of your crystals and home, you are probably going to need a charcoal round. The purpose of the charcoal is that it will allow the copal resin to burn continuously and safely at the same rate. Once you have lit the charcoal on a fireproof surface, allow it to burn until it has begun to turn white. Then place a few pieces of copal resin on the round. You definitely don’t need to use a lot when it comes to resin. A little goes a long way.

Immerse your crystals or crystal jewelry in the smoke coming off of the resin. This purifies the energy of the crystals. It sort of cleans the slate between uses. You can also clear the energy of your space with copal smoke by using a feather to disperse the smoke throughout your home.

The Frankincense Resin Benefits

For centuries, Frankincense has been revered for its ability to both cleanse and elevate the energy around it. Most people know frankincense from the bible in which it was delivered to Jesus as an offering from one of the wise men, but frankincense has actually been used in the Middle East for far longer than that! You can embrace your inner wise man and use frankincense as an offering, or can simply employ its sacred smoke as a purifier for your spirit and space.

To implement it as an offering, use frankincense benefits on your sacred altar. Amplify the energy of your intention by burning frankincense resin as an offering to whatever guardian angels or divine beings you’d like to invite into your space. It ensures that protective and loving guides surround you. The frankincense benefits provide a stable and loving environment.

Frankincense doesn’t stop with blasting through your energy blocks, it helps to unblock your sinuses by stimulating the airways as well. Use it when you have a cold, to uplift your spirits when you’re feeling depressed. You can even chew frankincense resin for oral health. Chew it the same way you’d chew on gum and then pack it against a troubled area to help regenerate the tissues (note: the taste and texture is a little unpleasant – we’ve tried it!). These frankincense uses have been practiced for hundreds of years.

Frankincense grows on the Somali coast and the Arabian Peninsula. Harvesters have to make a deep cut into the trunk of a tree and remove a piece of bark to allow the sap to drip out. It usually takes about three months for the sap to harden into a resin.

—How to Use It—

In addition to using sacred frankincense resin for cleansing a space or crystal, it is also a great scent for yoga and meditation. Frankincense benefits the crown chakra, so lighting this sacred frankincense will help open your mind for meditation.

To do this, begin by lighting a charcoal round. When the charcoal turns white, place a few pieces of frankincense on the round. Any more and the smoke will quickly overpower your space. This is the perfect spiritual cleanser to use in meditation because it will self-burn continuously for up to an hour without any further effort from you.

You can also use a feather waft the smoke around your space for spiritual enhancement, making sure to get it into the corners and window sills for a thorough cleanse. Submerge your crystals and crystal jewelry into the sacred smoke to purify their energy.

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Body

Want to know how to cleanse your house and body of bad vibes? There are many different tools and methods you can use but we’ve found a few ways that are sure to make your space truly rock. If you want to live life at the highest vibrations, learn how to remove negative energy from your home and body, and get ready to experience the ultimate in domestic bliss and tranquility. Taking a cue from the ancient traditions of indigenous cultures from around the world, it’s time to trade in synthetic fragrances and petroleum based cleaners for our favorite space cleansing essentials—Sage, Frankincense, Copal, and of course, healing crystals!

But that’s only scratching the surface. There are also powerful healing salts, the sacred Palo Santo Wood and much more. When you make energy cleansing a part of your daily wellness routine, the extra effort will be worth it, especially when you’re radiating with light and love. Clearing and purifying your space also helps boost the healing energy of crystals, which act as energy amplifiers.

You don’t have to be a Zen master to notice if the energy feels stagnant and stuck in your home. Simply take a moment to notice if you or your environment feels heavy. In the hectic pace of the modern world, it’s not uncommon to come home from a long day at work feeling overwhelmed. Also, any time you or someone in your home has an argument, the bad energy often accumulates in different pockets of a room. The same goes for the healing process. If you or a loved one is fighting an illness, it’s time for a quick space cleansing ritual.

We know what you’re probably thinking. Here’s yet another chore to add to your list of to-dos. But all it takes is 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a week to truly transform your life. A pure and cleansed environment is also vital for enhancing the healing energy of crystals. Before you bring crystals into your home, purify your space first so that it amplifies the energy that’s already there.


Removing Negative Energy from Your Home and Body

Negative energy seeps into our space constantly so it’s important to keep a positive flow throughout your environment with Sage house cleansing rituals. When your home is purified, it restores balance and harmony to your life, which is essential for giving you and your family a happy and healthy place for deep healing and rejuvenating the spirit. When you make energy cleansing a part of your everyday routine, it’s the perfect remedy for easing the stress and anxiety that comes from the demands of modern living.

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Body - Energy Muse Blog

Using Sage, Frankincense, and Copal

Burning sage is one of the easiest and quickest ways for getting rid of negative energy. Native Americans have considered Sage a sacred plant for thousands of years. This multi-purpose plant was used for energy cleansing, ritual ceremonies, and healing. Today, medicine people continue to use Sage to help restore vitality and health to sick tribal members. It works by neutralizing your energy field, a subtle yet powerful process that sharpens and enhances intuition.

Sage is powerful on its own but we’ve found that adding Frankincense into the mix is excellent for chasing away bad frequencies. The earthy, woodsy smell of dried sage isn’t for everyone, which is why Frankincense makes a wonderful alternative. Nicknamed the “transformer,” its powerful detoxifying and purifying energy gives off a sweet, honey-like aroma that helps to shift negative energy. Also known as “liquid gold,” Frankincense is known to provide protection, elevate spiritual awareness, and ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Copal incense has been considered sacred since ancient times. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of energy cleansing. Large amounts of Copal resin were discovered in the burial grounds of the Mayan and Aztec ruins, proving its spiritual significance. Derived from trees in the Buresa family, Copal contains natural tree resin that is known to have powerful medicinal properties. Add it to Frankincense or burn it alone to transform your negative thoughts into a positive state of mind.

10 Steps to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy (in 10 minutes or less!)

Yes, it’s that simple. Incorporate this cleansing practice into your life once or twice a week and you’ll be amazed at the results. With any cleansing ritual, it’s important to be mindful of the present moment so that you can purify your space with a clear intention.

Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

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  1. First, open the doors and windows so that negative energy can have a place to escape. Pull up blinds and let in as much light as possible. In fact, it’s ideal to carry out this cleansing ritual during the day, particularly when the sun is shining.
  2. Sweep the entrances to your home and do a light dusting around the house. It might seem obvious, but when your home sparkles, your spirit is sure to follow.
  3. Starting at the front door, light a Sage Stick and gently blow on it until a large amount of smoke billows up. Keep an abalone shell or heat resistant container handy to catch any fallen embers.
  4. Walk clockwise around your home, making sure to smudge all corners, including closets. Use a feather to waft smoke all the way up to the ceilings. Don’t worry about your house getting too smoky because it can easily escape out the open doors and windows, taking the bad energy with it. Don’t forget to sage the bathroom. As you smudge each room, say a special cleansing prayer or intention out loud, which will help amplify its cleansing powers.
  5. Add Fresh Flowers – Flowers are a must-have for any room in the house because it shows that your home is a beautiful and special space, a sacred temple of love and happiness. After cleansing your environment, take a glass bowl, fill it up with water, and add your favorite flowers. Place it at the front door, on an altar, or on your kitchen table.
  6. Sound – A quiet environment is like a haunted house. It can quickly fill up with negative vibes, which is why sound can replace that energy with warm, feel-good vibes. Stagnant energy often accumulates in corners, so we recommend that you go to each corner and clap your hands up and down or gently ring a bell. Another popular tradition is the singing bowl, which creates gentle healing vibrations that can be felt on a physical and spiritual level. Combining sounds with sage smoke is a powerful combo for breaking up stuck energy.
  7. Palo Santo — Now that your space is clear, it’s time to fill it with beautiful positive energy, which is where the sacred Palo Santo comes in. It gets its nickname “the Aromatic” from its slightly sweet and relaxing smell. Used for thousands of years, this ancient healing wood is known to bestow blessings of love and light. Meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, this sacred wood is ethically and sustainably harvested from the Palo Santo trees of South America after it has naturally fallen on the ground. It takes between 4 -10 years for its natural healing powers to become potent. Unlike Sage, which burns very easily, you must continue to blow on the pieces of wood. Light Palo Santo and walk around your home clockwise to bring in the blessings of angels to bless your space with positive energy.
  8. Burn Frankincense and Copal – Whether we like it or not, we live in a chaotic and polluted world, which is why adding Frankincense and Copal to Sage is a triple threat to bad energy. Place a charcoal disk in an fireproof container or incense burner. Using matches or a lighter, light the charcoal until you see it covered in flickering embers. Then, place a few pieces of Frankincense resin and Copal incense cones on top of the charcoal until it starts to smoke.
  9. Salt Corners of Each Room – Sea salt works like a vacuum by sucking up bad energy and expelling it with a powerful force. Sprinkle salt into the four corners of each room and let it sit for 48 hours. To boost the cleansing effects even more, grind up saffron and mix it into the salt. After 48 hours, sweep or vacuum the salt and flush it down the toilet.
  10. Use Candles to Remove Negative Energy – White candles have been used for centuries to remove toxic vibes from a space. Our Cleansing Candle contains the therapeutic oils of rosemary, plus green and yellow wax, which makes its cleansing effects even more powerful. Whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed by an abundance of negative energy, let its light, clean scent and gentle ambience give you a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity.
  11. Grid with Protection Crystals – Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from both people and things. The best way to use black tourmaline is to place a piece in each corner of a room. Doing so builds a protective shield of to prevent negative energy from entering your space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it near your Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects you from their harmful energy. Black tourmaline eases anxiety and depression, so holding it in your hands can pull the negative energy from your own body out. If there is a particular part of your home or space that feels heavy despite trying these methods of cleansing, placing a black tourmaline log in that area will absorb the negative energies into its black void. Cleanse these protection crystals once a week to ensure they stay powerful by placing them in a bowl of filtered water and putting them in the sun for at least 4 hours. You can also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage.

How to Get Rid of Bad Spirits in Your House - Energy Muse Blog

How to Get Rid of Bad Spirits in Your House

Some rooms in the house need more cleansing than others, such as an office filled with electronics or a room where someone is healing from an illness. For these instances, we recommend the Mason jar technique, especially in a room where there have been arguments. This cleansing method is also an excellent alternative for those who don’t like smoky sage in the house.

  1. Fill a Mason jar half full with spring water and add a few pinches of sea salt, which is excellent for absorbing toxins.
  2. Add fresh sage and a piece of Black Tourmaline, which is a powerhouse for absorbing and neutralizing negativity.
  3. Place this jar in four corners of the room, which creates a grid that seals off and protects the energy of the space.
  4. For this method, it is essential that you empty the water within 24 hours, especially if someone is sick. Replace it with a fresh mixture of water and salt. Then, cleanse the Tourmaline stone with water or sage smoke and place back in the jar for another round of cleansing and purifying.

How to Cleanse Your House with Healing Crystals

Now that your space is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time for the fun part…healing crystals!

Amethyst – Ranging in color from dark purple to pale lilac, Amethyst brings an abundance of warm and buttery vibes into your home, which makes it an excellent addition to any room. It works as a natural filtration system that absorbs negativity and transforms it into vibrations of pure love and harmony.

Selenite – The crystal version of Sage, Selenite healing wands help to clear and purify your space, especially when you place it on windowsills. It works by blocking bad vibes that can seep into your house through the doors and windows. A must-have for every spiritual warrior, Selenite fills your environment with radiance and purity.

Healing crystals are always absorbing and transmuting negative energy, so it’s vital that you cleanse your crystals on a weekly basis. Smudge the stones with sage smoke and say your intention for each crystal out loud. This practice will help to program your stones so that they’re amplifying positive vibes and working at their highest potential. Another popular cleansing method involves putting them under the sunlight or moonlight for 12-24 hours, which works by recharging their energy with the dazzling light that comes from our miraculous universe.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Body

When it comes to ridding the body of toxic energy, healthy eating is a good place to start but sometimes it takes more than organic salads and vitamins to tackle your inner demons. If you’re feeling particularly heavy in the energy department, try these cleansing techniques and free yourself of bad thoughts that are holding you back from your true potential.

  1. Forest Bathing – If you’ve got a case of the blues, it’s time to get back to nature with forest bathing. Instead of walking the path in order to get from Point A to Point B, take your time to breathe in the incredible healing energy of the forest and its abundance of oxygen permeating the air. Bring along your favorite crystals – we recommend Tree Agate and Aventurine – and wander along the trail at your own pace, taking the time to notice the incredible miracle of life that surrounds you.
  2. Conscious Breathing – If you feel stressed or anxious, deep breathing is a simple and easy way to restore your mind-body-spirit to a place of peace and tranquility. Inhale positivity and exhale negativity. It’s that easy!
  3. Music – When it hits you, you feel no pain. That’s the magic of music. Even after cleansing rituals, bad thoughts can still persist, so put them to rest with a collection of your favorite songs. Playing an instrument is also an excellent way to stay in the present moment because when you’re concentrating on notes and chords, you don’t have time for any negative thoughts to get in the way.
  4. Dance in Your Living Room – Even if you have two left feet, play your favorite dance jams, turn up the volume, and dance like no one is watching. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to shake off a case of the blues. Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun!
  5. Purifying Bath – Water is incredibly healing on its own, so when you add the powerful cleansing and rejuvenating powers of Himalayan sea salt, it makes your bath ever more restorative. Add 2-4 pieces of Himalayan salt rocks to your bath, a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and healing crystals like Amethyst, Aventurine, and Rose Quartz.
  6. Stress Reducing Facial Grid – We might not realize it, but many of us hold tension in our faces. Release everyday stress and calm the mind with Fluorite, Amethyst, and Celestite, a crystal powerhouse of peaceful energies that work to relax the mind-body-spirit. Place the crystals on places where you feel tension, such as your forehead, and feel your face being renewed and rejuvenated. Learn more about how to use a stress reducing facial grid.

Now that you know how to cleanse your house with sage, healing crystals, and other sacred cleansing tools, it’s time for all the dream crushers, energy vampires, and your own inner critic to get the heck out of your life because your spiritual transformation is just getting started.

Use the Power of Sound to Clear + Cleanse Your Space

The effect that the power of sound has on our spirit is fairly obvious. Anyone questioning the influence that sound has over a person’s mood, should try falling asleep to the screech of sirens as compared to the sound of a babbling brook. The gentle melodies of nature are certain to make for a better night time lullaby. When you’re stressed out, you can count on soothing sounds to quell your anxiety. What may be less obvious, is that certain sound frequencies can have the same calming and clearing effect on the energy of your space!

Embracing the power of sound is nothing new. The ancient practice of using sound to deepen meditation and bring harmony within the spirit dates back thousands of years, and across many civilizations. Tibetan bells and crystal singing bowls have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the resurgence of sound baths. Sound baths use a variety of singing bowls, each acoustically tuned to emit a single note, that when played together, creates a blend of tranquilizing vibrations. The reason these experiences are called sound baths is because the vibrations of sound feel almost palpable within the body, as if they are washing through you.

Knowing how to use these cleansing notes in your space can add to the impact of your space clearing. Placing selenite on your window sills and burning sage are two methods of uplifting your home’s energy that talk about often, but incorporating the power of sound to these can elevate the cleansing practice to an even greater level. This is because sound frequencies are adept at blasting through stubborn energy blocks that saging alone doesn’t always cleanse.

5 Ways to Use the Power of Sound

There’s a variety of energy tools at your disposal if you want to give sound cleansing a try in your home today.

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are powerful tools for breaking up stagnant energy. Metal singing bowls are especially good at stimulating a fresh circulation of grounding energy. You can either use a mallet to hit the side of the bowl, or circle the mallet around the rim of the bowl to create a lasting note. Once you’ve got the hang of making your bowl sing, move throughout your space, letting the noise reverberate against the walls. Try to get the sound vibrations up toward the corners of the ceiling, the corners by the floor, in the closets and anywhere else that energy tends to get overlooked.


While Tibetan bells have additionally sacred symbolism to them, the ring of any bell will brighten up your space with positive energy. As the sound vibrations disperse blocked energy, the sweet chimes work to uplift the fresh energy leftover. Ring your bell throughout your space, working the vibrations into those overlooking areas.


Drums are a central aspect to the rituals of many cultures throughout the world, and can enhance the cleansing ritual within your own home. Use the beat of a drum to break up stored energy. You don’t need a special drum or rhythmic talent. Just beat the drum at a steady pace as you walk clockwise throughout your home.


There’s a reason that we use chants to cleanse and charge the crystals we sell. Chants help to revitalize and align the spirit of both yourself and your space. If the energy of your home is feeling off, use chants to cleanse the negativity, and get the energy of your space back in sync with the intention of love and positivity. The chants we that use most often are “Om Mani Padme Hum” and these Om mantras. You can find a wide range of other restorative chants online. You’ll want to play the chants loud enough to fill your space, but not so loud that you bother the neighbors. Tip: Our co-founder and crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, also recommends playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to freshen up your space with an exuberant energy.


If you don’t have any tools, and you can’t play chants on a stereo or computer, there’s still one method of sound cleansing that you can likely perform—clapping. This simple technique for dismantling built up energy is surprisingly effective. Just move clockwise through your space, clapping to release those tricky energy blocks in corners, doorways and closets.

Always remember to keep the intention of your cleansing practice in mind while performing any sound purification method. Combine the power of sound with other cleansing tools like sage and selenite, and the energy of your home will feel brighter than ever.